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Our story

We launched Beaumont in 2007 with a mission to create offices that didn’t look or feel like existing offices. The ambition was to be different. To create something that would feel truly unique to people; flexible, high-end, luxurious and completely unbranded workplaces that allow our clients’ businesses to shine above all else.

For the last 14 years, Beaumont has built on that first intention, of setting out to create ‘next level’ flexible unbranded workplaces that evoke the feeling of a beautiful hotel interior or arresting art gallery.

But developing a portfolio of workplace residences was never our sole aim. How we are building Beaumont service is just as much of a priority. The human values behind the business are as important as each finished interior and newly acquired property.

‘Service & Design’ are at the heart of everything Beaumont does, and everything our clients expect.

We hold firm to the belief that it’s possible to design workplaces where people not only feel at home, but also energised and inspired. Where everything is in perfect balance, from the warm front-of-house welcome to a fail-safe digital infrastructure. From an iPad barista serving up gourmet coffee choices, to an office window affording sweeping 180 degree views of the Thames.

People and place, perfectly balanced. At Beaumont, it will always be about successful partnerships.

Crispin Vaughan and James Adam